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Spider Stickman

Before there was that popular hero, there was Spider Stickman! Hey, give him a break, it’s not like he was ripped-off of his idea -- it must have been just a coincidence. Well such is the life of Spider Stickman -- he deals with this daily that he wasn’t as popular as his counterpart so it’s another drunkard day for Spider Stickman. He just wants to go home and things just get in the way! Sure he can walk, but once things get in the way from spikes to massive doors, you just got to do what you got to do -- he’ll lead the way, let’s just hope he’s knows where he’s going. He didn’t get the name Spider Stickman just for kicks so he’ll get there just fine. Use both of your web slingers to get past obstacles and swing through platforms to avoid falling to your death if there’s a drop. Remember that your web slingers have limited range and that one web slinger that will stick on a surface will go away once you swing past it. It’s not just mindless leading of Spider Stickman home, you also got to use your noggin to plan and scan the lay of the land!