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Spider Stickman 2

Play Spider Stickman 2 game for free on Ragdoll Games. Spider Stickman is back! He’s still getting drunk daily because of his counterpart being more popular than him. Hey, he can still walk even when drunk ‘cause he’s not just some shmuck, he’s Spider Stickman after all, so let’s lead him home yet again, he knows the way -- or does he? Now with even more twist with the obstacles, Spider Stickman earns a sequel! Use both of your web slingers to get past obstacles and swing through platforms to avoid falling to your death if there’s a drop. Remember that your web slingers have limited range and that one web slinger that will stick on a surface will go away once you swing past it. It’s not just mindless leading of Spider Stickman home, you also got to use your noggin to plan and scan the lay of the land!