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Ragdoll Invaders

Play Ragdoll Invaders game for free on Ragdoll Games. Automatic gun spraying, dodging hell of bullets, dexterity through character control where you get the feel of your movement to calculate the best path to take to dodge that rain of bullets by invaders from outer space! Trust me, few plays in and you’ll see what I mean when I say this game is golden. Wait for that proud feeling of dodging rain of bullets from enemies while you dish out yours, you’ll feel this once you get the feel of the game. Remember that you can use all the arrow keys to your advantage to control, even the Down Arrow key. Tap and fine tune your character out of harm’s way. Collect hearts that fall from a downed invader as your 1-up. Seasoned gamers will enjoy this game fully but for gamers who are thinking of starting out, this will absolutely enhance not only your gaming skills but your calculation, analysis, and dexterity as well. One of the most interesting utilization of ragdoll physics, I bring you Ragdoll Invaders!